Modern women are smart, savvy – and just a little bit cynical. Faced with thousands of new product launches every month, she’s had enough of exaggerated claims that confuse rather than enable choices.
So the Koleston Perfect Innosense brand doesn’t claim to solve all your problems, make you a better person, or knock 10 years off your appearance. It delivers straight-talking, science-based technology for vibrant permanent hair colour formulated to reduce the risk of developing allergy.* Here’s how.

Why is ME+ such a breakthrough innovation?
For a long time, the industry has been searching and looking for new molecules that would provide a reduced risk of developing allergy while maintaining uncompromised colour performance. It has not been an easy task to accomplish until now.
We can say that ME+ is a new hair dye molecule that offers breakthrough advancement in hair dye technology. It combines reduced risk of developing allergy whilst delivering equally on colour performance as Koleston Perfect*.
What causes allergies to hair colourants?
T-Cells check everything entering our bodies for potential danger. When T-Cell receptors fit with a potentially dangerous substance, they activate the body’s immune system called “the induction of an immune response”. But sometimes T-Cells get it wrong. A substance fits, is recognised as dangerous and activates an immune response…although it was harmless. This is what happens when allergies develop in previously non-allergic people.

On rare occasions hair colour allergies develop like this. ME+ is the first hair dye molecule in 100 years in the permanent hair colour category to pair reduced risk of developing allergy while maintaining uncompromised colour performance, with a spectrum of high performance colours.

Please be aware that although ME+ reduces the risk of developing allergy, there remains a risk of allergic reaction when colouring hair that can be severe. As a precaution, always perform Allergy Alert Test 48 hours before each colouration and follow the safety instructions. If you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to any hair colourant ingredient, such as pTD or pPD, you should not colour as you cannot exclude being allergic to ME+.
How is ME+ designed to reduce the risk of developing allergy?*
ME+ still contains the molecule part responsible for colour vibrancy, lastingness and coverage, but to has a modified shape to not fit the T-Cells receptors. Hence, reducing the risk of developing allergy. *
So simple, it’s brilliant.
Where’s the proof?
Koleston Perfect Innosense has received the First ever European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) seal on permanent colour with up to 100% grey coverage & 3 levels of lift.
Who can benefit from this technological breakthrough?
Being ‘ingredient conscious’ is a growing movement amongst men and women of all ages, ethnicities and skin types. This hyper-aware mind set is filtering down into all aspects of peoples personal lives, so whether you’re colouring your hair for the first time or have been doing so for years you can benefit from this new era in hair colour. Koleston Perfect Innosense taps into this spreading social movement while guaranteeing beautiful colour results and youthful looks by covering up to 100% of greys. It can achieve up to three shades of lift from your natural colour and comes in 22 shades from raven black through chocolate brown and baby blonde.
Will you be replacing pPD and pTD across all your hair colour brands?
We have a big pipe line with innovation coming up, and one of them is working on the pPD/pTD replacement across the hair colour brands.
Why are there only 22 shades?
As Koleston Perfect Innosense is a very special new sub-line of Koleston Perfect, we have selected a compact line-up of shades for its launch. The 22 shades have been carefully selected to cover a broad spectrum of colour services. With shades across Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Vibrant Reds, Deep Browns and even Special Mix, they allow for expressive colour creation true to Koleston Perfect. As part of the 22 shades we have also introduced a NEW 0/0 Special Mix CLEAR TONE to personalise the intensity of other shades. We also provided mixing recommendations that enable the creation of 9 additional shades, offering a total palette of 31 shades.
Will Koleston Perfect Innosense replace Koleston Perfect?
No. Koleston Perfect Innosense is the premium proposition and separate line within the Koleston Perfect portfolio. Koleston Perfect is one of the industry leaders in professional permanent colour and so the only brand under which we would launch Koleston Perfect Innosense - the only colour in the current market formulated with ME+ to reduce the risk of developing allergy*, it is also the premium colour service for ingredient conscious clients with special INNOSENSE consultation of Hair, Scalp and Colour.
Koleston Perfect Innosense is accredited by the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation. It has received the First ever European Center for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) seal on permanent colour with up to 100% grey coverage & 3 levels of lift.
What is the difference between Koleston Perfect Innosense and KP? Can they be mixed?
No, Koleston Perfect and Koleston Perfect Innosense cannot be mixed together as this would lose the benefit of reduced risk allergy* offered by Koleston Perfect Innosense. Secondly, mixing of a formula with ME+ dye molecules with pTD dye molecules will give a shift in expected colour result vs. mixing ME+ or pTD dyes only. Koleston perfect Innosense is to be positioned as stand alone, Premium colour service.
Are the shades/color results the same as KP or different?
Yes. Koleston Perfect Innosense shades are designed to fit Koleston Perfect base tonalities. Only new shade with the Koleston Perfect Innosense palette that does not exist in Koleston Perfect is Clear Tone 0/0.
Do I need special training to use Koleston Perfect Innosense?
No. Koleston Perfect Innosense is very simple to use if you are current Koleston Perfect user as there is no change in use habits. However, special training is offered to enable the stylist to perform professional Koleston Perfect Innosense consultation. 4 new modules will be delivered to the salon to cover:
  • Product knowledge
  • Allergy alert testing
  • Consultation
  • Health & Safety
We will also provide a set of consultation tools to help guide colourists through specific colour consultation for Koleston Perfect Innosense.

*Although it does not contain PPD/PTD, there remains a risk of allergic reaction that can be severe. Always ask your stylist to perform an Allergy Alert Test 48h before each colouration. Strictly follow safety instructions and consult www.wella.com/innosense. If you have ever experienced an allergic reaction to any hair colourant ingredient, including PPD and PTD, you should not colour. ME+ is present in Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals and Deep Browns of the Koleston Perfect Innosense brand.